• Fuels

    AFPM members manufacture gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and other fuels that keep America moving and growing. Every hour of every day, Americans fill up the fuel tanks of their cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, farm equipment, recreational vehicles, airplanes and other vehicles with fuel refined by members of AFPM.

    Our nation’s domestic petroleum refiners are committed to manufacturing safe, reliable and clean transportation fuels. We will continue to oppose any actions that could endanger the safety of the American families, farmers and truckers we serve every day. Maintaining the confidence that Americans place in our products – demonstrated by the millions of times each day that consumers purchase gasoline and diesel fuel – is our top priority.

    AFPM members are focused on building a better tomorrow for the American people, continuing our efforts to improve the environment at the same time we manufacture vital products to strengthen our economy and improve the lives of families.

    A healthy and diverse U.S. refining industry serves the nation’s interest in maintaining a secure supply of energy products. Rationalizing and balancing our nation’s energy and environmental policies will protect this key American resource.

    Given the challenges of the current and future refining environment, our nation is fortunate to retain a refining industry with many diverse and specialized participants. Refining is a tough business, but the continuing diversity and commitment to performance within the industry demonstrate that it has the vitality needed to continue its important work, especially with the help of a supply-oriented national energy policy.

    We’ve been able to stay in the fuel manufacturing business for more than 100 years because we set the highest standards of service for the American people and the highest standards of quality for our products. And we expect to stay in business for a very long time for these same reasons and because the hydrocarbon molecule remains the most efficient source of motor fuel around.

    Our policy positions on fuels are designed to enable us to continue to meet the transportation needs of the American people and to support America’s economic and national security interests.