Safety Portal

AFPM’s online Safety Portal serves as the hub for all Occupational and Process Safety programs. Access to the Safety Portal is available to all member operating companies who have a signed Corporate User Agreement with AFPM. Individuals will need to have an active user profile with AFPM to gain access to the portal.

Viewing various sections of the portal will depend on an individual’s access level. Once permission has been obtained, users are able to submit/view events and metrics, review and suggest Hazard ID/Practice Sharing Documents, view Regional Network meeting materials and access reports and references.

Staff Contact: Anna Scherer

Practices Sharing

The goal of this program is to capture and share knowledge that could be used by others when developing new practices or improving existing ones. Shared practices may have been used by an industry member, but this does not mean it should be used or that it will produce similar results at any other site. Rather, it is an option to consider when implementing or adjusting programs and practices. We encourage companies to review the documents currently posted to the Safety Portal and to suggest topics for future development.

Staff Contact: Jasmine Beasley

Occupational Safety Regional Networks

AFPM staff facilitates plant-level discussions to encourage peer-to-peer networking, create a forum to exchange ideas, and enhance occupational safety performance of all sites in the region. Agenda items typically include appropriate sharing of occupational safety practices, lessons learned from industry events, industry standards, regulatory challenges, hazard identification and special topics as needed.

Staff Contact: Lara Swett

Immersive Learning

The Immersive Learning Program focuses on developing training tools around high-consequence, low-frequency training using custom-designed content solutions and emerging technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

The Immersive Learning Subcommittee’s mission is to provide industry resources that assist in the education and awareness of hazards while researching and testing the use of various immersive learning techniques. Leveraging the vast experience of SMEs, industry resources, and emerging technologies, members collectively share knowledge and practices with the common goal of driving the safety and effectiveness of training and immersive learning forward.”

Staff Contact: Abby Esterly

Incident Classification Matrix

The AFPM Incident Classification Matrix is a new voluntary program that seeks to further reduce injuries and fatalities. Industry-wide opportunities for improvement are identified through the collection and analysis of AFPM member companies’ actual incident and “near misses with high potential” data. The data collected is blinded, analyzed and distributed to participating members.

AFPM members use this data to benchmark their site's performance and to identify problem areas resulting in targeted Practice Share documents and substantive discussions through the Regional Networks.

Download the Incident Classification Matrix Program Details

Submit your data via the Blank Incident Classification Matrix Spreadsheet

Staff Contact: Lara Swett