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How RFS Biofuel Mandates Drive Imports

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It should come as a surprise to congressional supporters of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), that their 2007 votes to expand the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) to advance “homegrown energy” would lead to historic U.S. imports of biodiesel

Strong Domestic Consumption Contradicts Ethanol “Demand Destruction” Claims

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The latest U.S. Energy Information Administration data again shows ethanol blending and consumption in the U.S. remain steady and strong compared to previous years. This disproves claims that U.S. ethanol demand has been decimated by hardship waivers exempting small refineries facing that are facing hardship from their Renewable Fuel Standard blending obligations.

Petrochemical Manufacturer Breakthroughs Will Mean Less Plastic Goes to Waste

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Many waste items provide important value before being tossed into a bin. Discarded plastic products, for example, originally serve as packaging to keep school lunches fresh, lightweight bottles for efficiently transporting fresh water to hard-to-reach areas, containers for soaps and detergents that facilitate hygiene – and much more.

18.6 million

U.S. refining increased to more than 18.6 million barrels per day, almost 20% of global capacity.

4 million

We create the jobs that employ more than 4 million Americans in 33 states.

$185 billion

Petrochemical manufacturers have invested $185 billion to expand operations to meet growing demand.