2021 Annual Meeting Virtual Edition

The AFPM Annual Meeting, the world's premier refining meeting, assembling key executives, decision-makers, and technical experts from refining businesses, technology providers, contracting and consulting firms, and equipment manufacturers around the world, is going virtual in 2021, potentially connecting even more of our global network on April 12 and 13!



COVID-19 Preparedness, Response and Resources

U.S. fuel and petrochemical manufacturers prepare and practice for emergency situations, and in the fight against COVID-19 we are committed to doing our part to limit the spread of the disease while keeping critical infrastructure in operation.


What’s New

AFPM Statement on the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act

AFPM Communications
WASHINGTON, D.C. - This is a poorly devised bill that runs contrary to its purported purpose of improving the global environment. Banning the export of U.S. manufactured petrochemicals and polymers is shortsighted and will negatively impact global supply chains for essential materials and products.

18.6 million

U.S. refining increased to more than 18.6 million barrels per day, almost 20% of global capacity.

4 million

We create the jobs that employ more than 4 million Americans in 33 states.

$185 billion

Petrochemical manufacturers have invested $185 billion to expand operations to meet growing demand.