With 4.1 million miles of public roads, bridges and tunnels in the U.S., truck transportation is a major part of petrochemical and refining operations and product distribution. Trucking is critical for the first and final miles of the supply chain, with trucks moving raw materials (feedstocks) and supplies at production sites as well as delivering finished products to retail outlets and consumers.

AFPM believes adequate highway funding is critical and acknowledges the importance of the Highway Trust Fund to finance important infrastructure projects. Any revisions to the Highway Trust Fund should ensure the fees are dedicated exclusively to funding highway infrastructure. AFPM believes all users of the nation’s highway system should bear the cost of maintaining this infrastructure and all vehicle and fuel technologies should share that responsibility.

AFPM also supports sensible highway regulations that enhance safety and foster strong federal preemption, as well as heightened efforts to recruit and retain skilled drivers to meet rising demand. This will not only combat current labor shortages, but also ensure the health of the trucking industry for years to come.