Occupational, or personnel, safety is a cross-disciplinary area focused on protecting the safety, health and welfare of workers. Occupational safety training focuses on preventing injuries and can include teaching workers proper lifting techniques, how to recognize and avoid hazards, industrial hygiene and procedures for working safely.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspects and regulates refineries and petrochemical facilities under its General Industry Standards. These standards involve a number of potential workplace risks, including those relating to walking and working surfaces, occupational noise exposure, hazardous materials and personal protective equipment.

AFPM members work with OSHA to achieve the highest level of safety possible and constantly strive to improve workplace safety. AFPM advocates for policies and performance-based standards that allow employers to improve safety in a way that works with their site and its employees. Regulations should not be prescriptive as each site has unique cultures and characteristics.

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