• Environmental Regulations

    AFPM supports sound and sensible environmental regulations. Our members are strongly committed to clean air, water and waste reduction, have an outstanding record of compliance with Environmental Protection Agency and other regulations, and have invested hundreds of billions of dollars to dramatically reduce emissions as measured by EPA.

    As a result of these emissions reductions by our members and by other industries, America’s air today is cleaner than it has been in generations.

    Despite the great progress we have made in environmental stewardship under the Clean Air Act and other laws, we are concerned that EPA and other agencies have at times moved from regulation to overregulation, making unreasonable and often conflicting demands on our members to spend enormous sums to make changes in their manufacturing processes that bring little or no significant environmental or health benefits.

    The cumulative impact of overregulation has resulted in significant job losses, higher consumer costs, and a weakening our nation’s economic and national security.

    Policies to address emissions should be based on cost-effective regulatory approaches based on sound science that maintain the global competitiveness of the U.S. economy, help preserve and create jobs, and serve American consumers.

    In the past 20 years, the Department of Energy states that the compounded burden of the various environmental regulations contributed to the closing of 66 refineries in the United States and the loss of thousands of jobs.

    Regulatory Blizzard

    *Emissions in Million Metric Tons CO2e