•  Increasing Domestic Oil & Gas Production

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     AFPM believes that keeping our energy riches locked up and out of reach makes no sense and only serves to threaten our nation’s economy recovery. The United States has many opportunities to increase our energy supply and decrease our reliance on foreign oil.

    The shale gas and oil revolution in America today has been positive for job creation, economic growth and energy security. It promises hundreds of thousands of new jobs, billions of dollars more in revenue to governments, and vast supplies of domestic, affordable and reliable energy for generations to come.

    The potential growth is great, but federal restrictions threaten to prevent America from producing oil and natural gas in vast areas of our nation and off our shores. Extracting these valuable resources and using them to manufacture fuel and petrochemicals here at home would keep billions of dollars in America, support millions of American jobs and make us less reliant on foreign nations.

    The problem isn't that we lack energy resources. The problem is that our government is making it extremely hard — if not impossible in some instances — to use them, even with extensive environmental safeguards.