Building everything from skyscrapers to bridges, ironworkers construct the skeleton of a structure that allows other trades to install their work. Ironworkers set machinery, create structural steel and curtain walls and operate power hoists and forklifts in the building process. They also have extensive knowledge about safety procedures to mitigate risk.

Qualifications: Ironworkers work well in a team, often in challenging environments including the outdoors and on tall structures at high elevations. Ironwork requires a good sense of balance and alertness to potential hazards.

Education: Most employers require a high school diploma or equivalent and an apprenticeship. Apprentices earn while they work, completing on-the-job training as well as attending classes on safety and the craft. You can find more information about local training centers through the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers Union.

Average Salary: $51,748 annually; $24.88 hourly (Source: Build Your Future)