American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) president and CEO Chet Thompson today issued the following statement in response to a vote of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approving California’s Advanced Clean Cars 2 regulation, which establishes an escalating ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel-fueled cars and trucks, culminating with a 100% ban by 2035:

“California’s radical ban on gasoline- and diesel-fueled cars and trucks will have devastating implications for consumers, energy security and the U.S. manufacturing economy. It’s also one of the most expensive and inefficient ways to address emissions and climate change. Liquid fuels, and competition among various technologies, offer a faster and much more affordable pathway to cleaner transportation than any California-style ban.
It is critical that President Biden and the EPA reject California’s request for a Clean Air Act waiver to proceed with this unlawful ban. The President’s failure to do so should concern every American as it would hand over sweeping federal government authority to California regulators, effectively appointing Governor Newsom and CARB as car and truck czars for the entire United States.
Most Americans have no idea this ban is happening or that California’s extreme policy—providing it gets an EPA waiver—could become law for them too. Consumers and elected officials in every state who want to retain decision-making power over the types of vehicles they own and drive need to press EPA to deny California’s waiver.”
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Ericka Perryman
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