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AFPM Members and Government Work Together to Address the Dual Energy Challenge

Behind government “moonshots” and corporate sustainability pledges lie multitudes of technological innovations required to make these aspirations possible. The fuel and petrochemical industries play critical roles in advancing and scaling the new technologies that will help us address the dual challenge of providing the products the world needs to thrive while operating in an increasingly sustainable way.

AFPM Members Lend a Hand After Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida knocked out power to over one million people and created devastation that will take months to address. But as soon as the storm passed, the fuel and petrochemical industries began stepping up with financial assistance, in-kind donations and in-person support to help affected communities recover and rebuild.

Fueling Summer Competition

Polyester soccer jerseys, polyethylene swim lane dividers, carbon track shoe insoles, and the jet fuel that moves athletes all over the world. These are just a few examples of the and fuels and petrochemical-based materials that play an irreplaceable role in summer sports.