WASHINGTON, D.C. - The American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers today released the following statement on the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act:

The U.S. petrochemical industry is committed to environmental sustainability and addressing mismanaged plastic waste. But this is a poorly devised bill that runs contrary to its purported purpose of improving the global environment. Banning the export of U.S. manufactured petrochemicals and polymers is shortsighted and will negatively impact global supply chains for essential materials and products. Further, restricting permits for new U.S. facilities would not reduce the global demand for plastics or address the real issue of improper waste disposal. It would only force production to less efficient foreign facilities, resulting in many cases in increased pollution, more greenhouse gas emissions, and jeopardizing the billions of dollars of U.S. petrochemical investments and the jobs they support. Effectively addressing the challenge of mismanaged plastic waste will require a collaborative approach. AFPM supports data-driven solutions that encourage a comprehensive value chain approach, foster innovation in waste management and recycling, and recognize the tremendous value and benefit of plastics.