WASHINGTON, D.C., October 20, 2023—American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) today filed comments in opposition to New Jersey’s proposed regulations to adopt California’s Advanced Clean Cars II (ACC II) standards that will fully ban in-state sales of new gasoline, diesel, flex fuel and traditional hybrid vehicles by 2035.  

AFPM’s comments to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) flag that adopting California’s rules in New Jersey would stifle innovation and competition, “ignoring the fundamental importance of liquid fuels in delivering affordable and reliable energy while reducing emissions.” California should serve as a cautionary tale for New Jersey, as its policies “have had major inflationary impacts on gasoline and energy prices, as well as negative impacts on jobs in certain industries that are directly related to traditional fuels and vehicles.” New Jersey’s strong liquid fuels workforce and working residents could also be impacted if the state moves forward with the current proposal: 

“New Jersey families that depend upon affordable, reliable transportation, particularly lower-income households, [would be] negatively impacted with higher costs, reduced energy security and fewer vehicle choices to meet their needs.” 

AFPM’s members are committed to reducing the carbon intensity of fuels and vehicles. Our country needs a diverse mix of technologies, including liquid transportation fuels and electric vehicles, to meet the needs of consumers and uphold our collective national and energy security.  

AFPM’s full comments to the New Jersey DEP are available here

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Ericka Perryman
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