WASHINGTON, D.C. With the United States Senate expected to vote soon on at least two measures to block or overturn the Environmental Protection Agency’s newly finalized passenger vehicle regulations—policy that will functionally ban most new gas cars and trucks in less than a decade—the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) is launching a new ad buy today urging Americans in nine battleground states to contact their Senators with an appeal to stop the car ban.


AFPM’s new wave of ads, backed by a brand new seven-figure spend, will air in Maine and Georgia in addition to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio and Montana, the seven states where AFPM has been raising awareness among constituents since February. The campaign’s central ad, which will air via broadcast, cable and digital, is featured below. AFPM President and CEO Chet Thompson issued the following statement on the campaign expansion and upcoming Senate votes:

“The United States Senate has the power to stop President Biden’s unlawful policy banning most new gas cars, but it’s going to take both Democrats and Republicans to deliver on that and protect consumer freedoms. With critical Senate votes on the horizon, it’s imperative that Americans are informed about the President’s gas car ban agenda and have the opportunity to contact their Senators to make a difference.


“The President is overseeing a whole-of-government effort to ban new gas, diesel and traditional hybrid cars. These policies are bad for consumers, bad for workers and bad for U.S. national security. AFPM will not stop in our efforts to make Americans aware of what’s going on and we will use every tool we have to protect consumer choice, including making the case to Congress and, if needed, the courts.”

Back Seat

In addition to reaching Americans through broadcast and cable TV, AFPM is using digital ads, text messages and phone calls to inform consumers about this policy and provide them with opportunities to share their concerns directly with elected officials and policymakers.


This new ad buy is scheduled to run throughout April.

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