WASHINGTON, D.C. — New polling conducted nationally and across eight presidential and senate battleground states shows strong opposition among likely voters to government policies designed to ban new gas-powered vehicles and, further, that supermajorities of likely voters say this policy issue will be important to them when deciding which elected officials to support in 2024. 

National polling was conducted June 29 – July 2 by WPA Intelligence and measured likely voter sentiment around gas-car bans, EV mandates, and support for candidates who embrace such policies. Highlights of the polls are as follows: 

Nationally, seven-in-ten likely voters oppose gas-car bans. 

  • Overall: 70% oppose, 18% support 
  • Republicans: 90% oppose, 6% support 
  • Democrats: 49% oppose, 31% support 
  • Independents: 71% oppose, 20% support 

Almost two-thirds of voters, nationally, are less likely to vote for a candidate who supports gas-car bans. 

  • Overall: 64% less likely, 16% more likely 
  • Republicans: 88% less likely, 5% more likely
  • Democrats: 41% less likely, 27% more likely 
  • Independents: 65% less likely, 16% more likely 

More than 60% of voters are concerned they will be unable to buy the car of their choice in the next decade. 

  • National: 37% very concerned, 25% somewhat concerned, 18% not too concerned, 13% not concerned at all

The battleground state polling — fielded in Arizona, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin between June 29 – July 1 — was conducted by Remington Research Group and measured likely voter sentiment around gas-car bans, EV mandates, and support for candidates who embrace such policies.  Highlights of the polls are as follows: 

The majority of likely voters in all surveyed states oppose gas-car bans. 

  • Arizona: 60% oppose, 20% support, 19% undecided
  • Michigan: 63% oppose, 18% support, 19% undecided
  • Montana: 66% oppose, 16% support, 18% undecided
  • Nevada: 63% oppose, 21% support, 16% undecided
  • Ohio: 63% oppose, 13% support, 24% undecided
  • Pennsylvania: 60% oppose, 20% support, 21% undecided 
  • Texas: 65% oppose, 14% support, 21% undecided
  • Wisconsin: 59% oppose, 22% support, 19% undecided

When asked specifically about EPA’s light-duty vehicle tailpipe regulation, which will mandate roughly 70% EV and plug-in hybrid vehicle sales by 2032, opposition among likely voters far exceeds support in every U.S. battleground state. 

  • Arizona: 59% oppose, 24% support, 16% undecided
  • Michigan: 64% oppose, 19% support, 18% undecided
  • Montana: 64% oppose, 20% support, 15% undecided
  • Nevada: 59% oppose, 25% support, 17% undecided
  • Ohio: 64% oppose, 17% support, 19% undecided
  • Pennsylvania: 59% oppose, 23% support, 18% undecided 
  • Texas: 65% oppose, 19% support, 17% undecided
  • Wisconsin: 56% oppose, 26% support, 18% undecided

Supermajorities, ranging from 62% to 69% of likely voters, in each state report that a candidate’s position on stopping bans on new gas-cars is an important factor in their vote.

  • Arizona: 66% important, 12% not important
  • Michigan: 68% important, 12% not important
  • Montana: 68% important, 13% not important
  • Nevada: 62% important, 19% not important
  • Ohio: 67% important, 12% not important
  • Pennsylvania: 69% important, 14% not important
  • Texas: 65% important, 14% not important
  • Wisconsin: 64% important, 14% not important

AFPM President and CEO Chet Thompson issued the following statement on the new polling: 

“This new polling underscores what we have been hearing from the American people of all political stripes for months—that they do not want the government banning gas cars, mandating electric vehicles or imposing regulations that restrict access to the types of cars that best meet a family’s needs and budget. 

“Elected officials should take note that the American people care about this issue and are watching to see whether Congress will stand up and overturn EPA’s regulation banning the sale of most new gas cars.” — Chet Thompson, AFPM President and CEO

The full results of the poll can be found HERE


The national survey was conducted June 29 – July 1, 2024. Sample size was 1,000 voters and was weighted to match expected voter turnout in the 2024 general election. The margin of error is +/- 3.1% with a 95% level of confidence. 

Battleground state surveys were conducted June 29 through July 1, 2024, in Arizona, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin. Sample sizes varied by state from 570 to 673 and were weighted to match expected voter turnout in the 2024 General Election. The margin of error is +/-4% with a 95% level of confidence. Totals do not always equal 100% due to rounding.

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