WASHINGTON, D.C. – In response to the proposed rule introduced by the Trump Administration that would amend or eliminate the public disclosure labels identifying E15 fuel at gas station pumps, AFPM released the following joint statement with the American Petroleum Institute, BoatUS, National Marine Manufacturers Association, Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, and the American Motorcyclist Association:

EPA’s top priority should be making sure consumers have the clearest information at the pump. This proposal doesn’t just fall short, it would make it harder for consumers to distinguish the difference between E15 and E10 fuel. We are deeply concerned about the administration’s reckless proposal to deprive consumers of basic information concerning their engine’s compatibility with fuels they purchase. There are millions of cars and small engines in use today that cannot run on E15 fuel. Weakening or eliminating the E15 label could come at the expense of drivers, boaters, motorcyclists and outdoor power equipment owners who depend on the availability of this information to prevent misfueling and the potentially catastrophic engine and fuel system damage it can cause. We will vigorously challenge this misguided proposal to weaken or eliminate the E15 label.

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Ericka Perryman
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