American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) President Chet Thompson today reacted to President Obama’s final budget proposal.    

In a statement today, Thompson said:

“The energy initiatives and tax hikes in President Obama’s budget proposal are bad for the country and even worse for middle-class families that would have to shoulder the lion’s share of the burden.   

“President Obama is wrong if he believes that consumers won’t notice or object to paying an additional 25 cents per gallon tax to fund pet projects like self-driving cars and fueling stations for luxury electric vehicles. And he’s wrong if he thinks this will help the economy. It will have the opposite effect. 

“If the president is serious about an energy plan that will serve the nation for generations, it’s called the free market. Private sector investments in cleaner technologies will allow this country to meet its environmental goals, not raising taxes on working families.”