WASHINGTON, D.C. – Statement by American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers President and CEO Chet Thompson following President Donald Trump’s address to the joint session of Congress: 

“AFPM continues to be encouraged by President Trump’s emphasis on a robust economy, in which job growth and manufacturing play an increasingly important role to help realize the American dream. A critical component to fulfilling President Trump’s vision is one where increased domestic energy production plays an essential part. Ample and reliable energy will strengthen our economy and national security, and in turn, will ensure abundant and affordable energy for American industry and consumers.

“In recognizing the need for regulatory reform and a revitalization of our country’s infrastructure, President Trump has taken decisive action on his pledge to make America an energy superpower. For far too long, regulatory restrictions have stifled economic growth and kept our energy resources in the ground. Now is the time to embrace our resources and unleash the potential of America’s energy producers, while simultaneously recognizing the importance of responsible environmental stewardship. 

“The policy priorities President Trump outlined tonight will further the manufacturing renaissance made possible by the shale revolution and ensure the robust production of the fuel and petrochemicals that Americans rely on every day.”