“People do not decide to become extraordinary.  They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” – Sir Edmund Hillary

Before the founding of the association now known as AFPM, our industry always pursued improvement in everything we do.  It has been a journey of discovery, technological advancement and extraordinary will to become what we are today, and in our continuous pursuit of the Summit.

AFPM is pleased to announce that the Q&A and Technology Forum is being rebranded in 2017 as the Operations & Process Technology Summit.

The Summit will provide the same Q&A sessions, Principles & Practices Sessions (“P&P”), plant automation sessions, and cybersecurity.  While the core remains the same, the conference scope has greatly expanded.

Additionally, AFPM members and others can take advantage of the Summit for professional development, technical development, and industry networking.  They can get their questions on subjects such as hydrocracking answered by industry experts.  They can participate in a town-hall discussion on topics such as hydroprocessing with emerging leaders in the industry. Women attendees can attend sessions designed by and for women in the industry.  And all attendees can learn about supply chain optimization and even participate in a hands-on cybersecurity exercise involving a refinery.

Alarm management, emerging leaders, ransomware, real-time optimization, and Tier III were concepts and ideas that didn’t exist in 1947.  However, issues such as gasoline blending, distillation, and cat cracking have been and will continue to be the core to the Summit.

Please join us at this year’s AFPM Operations & Technology Summit in early October in Austin.  Check out www.afpm.org for dates and registration information.  You’ll learn new things about developing technologies and technologies that date back 70 years.