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  • AFPM Weighs-in on EPA’s New Ozone NAAQS
    EPA’s decision to lower the ozone standard is the administration’s latest blow to consumers and the U.S. manufacturing renaissance. The agency ignored the nation’s steadily decreasing ozone levels and bipartisan pleas from thousands of state and local officials, business groups, and other stakeholders that urged EPA to maintain the existing, stringent standard.
  • EPA Clean Power Plan Takes Authority Away from States
    AFPM is reviewing the rule and has not yet determined what, if any, future actions it will take. We are concerned, however, that the rule exceeds EPA’s statutory authority, commandeers states primacy in making energy decisions, provides inadequate time for compliance, and fails to consider the current energy infrastructure, which ultimately will lead to higher electricity costs for consumers.
  • AFPM and API File Joint Comments on EPA Proposed RFS Rule
    AFPM and API submitted joint comments to the EPA on Monday, July 27 in response to the agency’s proposed rule, Renewable Fuel Standard Program: Standards for 2014, 2015, and 2016 and Biomass-Based Diesel Volume for 2017.

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