The official hurricane season is a long one, running for half the year from June until November. Experts are predicting this year’s season to be similar to last or even a little less severe, with Colorado State University Tropical Forecast calling for 13 named storms, six hurricanes and two category 3 or higher hurricanes. And as they do every year, refining and petrochemical companies are doing their part to ensure they are prepared for every possible scenario and batting down the hatches, if you will.

These companies have established hurricane preparedness plans to best keep everyone safe – including making sure that resources are where they need to be in the event of supply disruptions; maintaining regular communications and coordination with governments at the local, state and federal levels; and ensuring that their employees, surrounding communities and facilities have the supplies they need.

They are continuously evolving their hurricane preparedness and response plans to minimize disruptions including establishing redundant power supplies to avoid a potential loss of power and minimizing the possibility of a shutdown by raising electrical and other equipment, including pumps and various valves, above anticipated flooding levels.

Throughout the year, AFPM member companies develop and update their emergency preparedness plans, conduct regular drills based on those plans, and, along with AFPM, participate in strategic government exercises to improve and streamline a coordinated emergency response. Working with AFPM, they participate in the Oil & Gas Sector Coordinating Council and the Chemical Sector Coordinating Council – partnerships between private industry and the federal government – to share and disseminate real-time information during events.

AFPM and member companies also provide websites with links to a suite of government materials and information, including an emergency supply checklist, contact information for emergency management agencies across the country, and flood safety information for the public to access at any time.

All these actions put our industries in a good position to weather the storms. As hurricane season approaches, our companies stand ready to ensure their people, communities, facilities and their surrounding environment remain safe.

Click here for AFPM’s hurricane preparedness resources.

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