International Petrochemical Conference

AFPM IPC CANCELLATION (updated March 11, 2020): Amid concerns about the spread of COVID-19, we have made the decision to cancel AFPM’s International Petrochemical Conference slated to take place March 29 - 31, 2020 in New Orleans, LA. For more information on the event cancellation, please visit our information page linked here.

The International Petrochemical Conference (IPC) is the world's largest and most prestigious conference representing the petrochemical industry.

Mark your calendar for the 2021 International Petrochemical Conference, March 14 – 16, 2021 in San Antonio, Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Travel

Q: Will I receive a refund?
A: Yes. You will receive a refund on your entire registration (including tickets and tables), less the $50 bank processing fee processing fee. All refunds have been processed.

Q: Can I transfer my funds to a future conference?
A: No. You will receive a refund for the registration fees paid.

Q: How will my money be refunded?
A: Your funds will be returned via the same method you paid for your registration.

Q: How long will it take to receive my refund?
A: Due to the high volume, please allow us 30 days to process your refunds. Once your cancellation has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation. It can then take up to 3 business days for your refund to be reflected on your credit card statement.

Q: How do I cancel my hotel reservation?
A: Please contact the hotel directly to cancel your guest room reservation. For your convenience, the hotel contact information is provided here.

New Orleans Marriott, (504) 581-1000
Sheraton New Orleans, (504) 525-2500
JW Marriott New Orleans, (504) 525-6500

Q: Not all airlines are offering a refund for flights or are charging change fees. Will AFPM cover those costs?
A: Airline policies are changing rapidly as the COVID-19 situation develops. We advise you to call your airline directly to check their current policy. AFPM will not reimburse for air travel cancellation or change fees.


Q: Are you considering holding a webcast of the event/some of the speakers/sessions?
A: AFPM is currently considering options to make important content available to registrants in different formats and will update you as plans are solidified.

Q: Why did it take AFPM so long to come to this decision?
A: This was a very difficult decision to make that involved consulting with a number of officials from Austin and New Orleans, public health officials, and many others. The health and safety of our members and staff is our primary concern, which ultimately brought us to this unprecedented decision.


Q: How do I cancel my meeting space?
A: Contact Morgan and Brittany at If you have signed a contract with the hotel(s), be sure to advise your hotel contact of your cancellation.

Q: I secured a pod for my meeting at the IPC. Will I be refunded?
A: Yes, you will receive a full refund. All refunds have been processed.

Q: Are there any penalties for cancelling my meeting room space?
A: At IPC, space cancellations will not affect your room assignments for next year since this is an unprecedented situation. However, AFPM cannot speak for the hotel if you have signed a meeting space contract. Please address directly with your hotel contact.

Q: I have already sent materials to New Orleans for my meetings/hospitality suite, will AFPM reimburse those fees?
A: AFPM is not able to reimburse any shipping fees you may have incurred.


Q: Can I get a credit for my sponsorship fees to use at a later AFPM event?
A: AFPM will work with our sponsors on a case-by-case basis. We value our relationship with each sponsor, and we want to make sure that we work together in the future. Please contact Colleen Lewallen at to discuss.

Saturday March 28, 2020

2:00 pm
7:00 pm



Sunday March 29, 2020

9:00 am
7:00 pm


5:00 pm
7:00 pm

Welcome Reception


Monday March 30, 2020

7:30 am
8:00 am


7:30 am
5:00 pm


8:00 am
10:00 am

General Session

2020 Petrochemical Heritage Award Presentation

Morning Keynote
John Bolton, Former United Nations Ambassador and United States National Security Advisor

John Bolton will provide an unparalleled perspective on world events, an in-depth view into the current geopolitical landscape, and a small glimpse into the future.
10:15 am
11:15 am

Senior Executive Roundtable

By Invitation Only
John Bolton, Former United Nations Ambassador and United States National Security Advisor
11:30 am
1:00 pm

Leadership Luncheon

By Invitation Only
Mark Lashier, Chief Executive Officer, Chevron Phillips Chemical
2:00 pm
5:00 pm

Base Oils and Waxes Session

Changing Forces in Global Wax Industry Environment
Pooja Sharma, Project Manager, Kline & Company

The shift from conventional petroleum wax-based products to synthetic and vegetable waxes is becoming intense. Non-conventional waxes, particularly Fischer-Tropsch’s and hydrogenated vegetable, are increasingly becoming the focus for growth in the wax business. The wax landscape is also changing on the end-use side. The ability of new and growing applications to adapt to non-petroleum wax types will now set the stage for future wax supply and demand balance. In light of these market developments, this presentation will look at current and projected supply by wax types in key regions, and demand by wax type and application, preview the current trends and where the market is heading in the near future and the changing supplier landscape.

Global Base Oil: Demand, Supply, and Sustainability Challenges
Blake Eskew, Vice President, IHS Markit

This presentation will examine and discuss the following:
- How are trends in mobility and sustainability affecting the demand for lubricants and base oils?
- How have trends in refining economics and oil markets affected base oil operations and investment?
- How are base oil demand and supply responding to changing lubricant consumption patterns, changing technical requirements, competitive production economics and capacity growth?
- How will the rivalry between base oil groups evolve?
2:00 pm
5:00 pm

General Session

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
The Drive to Sustainable – Petrochemical Manufacturers role in the Future


Rett Johnson, Director, Roland Berger

Jim Becker, Vice President, Polymers & Sustainability, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
Rob Flores, Vice President, Sustainability, Berry Global Plastics

The global petrochemical industry drives innovation. From creating technologies that optimize plant efficiency, to revolutionizing life cycle management techniques, to reinventing the global supply chain, this industry demonstrates how innovation can drive global progress. With breakthroughs in smart manufacturing, recycling technologies, and waste management, we are seeing how our industry is leading in sustainability efforts. This session will include representatives from AFPM member companies, who will talk about the vital role innovation plays in sustainability as well as the need to collaborate with our value chain partners and other stakeholders to ensure a sustainable future.

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Sustainable Solutions – Engaging the Entire Value Chain to Address Future Challenges


Kristen B. Sullivan, Partner, Deloitte,

Saeed Amidi, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Plug and Play
Priyanka Bakaya, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Renewlogy & Renew Oceans
April Crow, Vice President, External Affairs & Investor Relations, Circulate Capital

For the petrochemical industry and its value chain partners, plastic waste in the environment is a very clear and present problem that threatens the industry and the health of our oceans. Petrochemical manufacturers, their value chain partners, and innovative organizations and companies are partnering and leading efforts to reduce plastic waste, working to keep waste out of our environment in the first place, and finding ways to convert waste back into the supply chain. This panel brings together leaders in the circular economy and will discuss ways the petrochemical industry can address the challenges of the future.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Beyond Lip Service to Impact: Diversity and Inclusion as a Catalyst for Innovation
Dr. Simone Ahuja, Marketing and Strategy Consultant, Co-Author of Jugaad Innovation

Innovation is the most powerful way for organizations to stay relevant in our rapidly evolving world. By increasing the diversity of their teams, and creating space for diverse voices to be heard, business leaders can dramatically increase their innovation output. In this energizing and optimistic address, Dr. Ahuja shares stories from her research that clearly demonstrate why diverse teams create more “out of the box” ideas and drive nearly 20% higher revenue. She also shares best practices of inclusion including the how to build a culture healthy conflict, and create the psychological safety for diverse teams that is fundamental to successful innovation and business growth.

Tuesday March 31, 2020

7:30 am
9:00 am

2020 U.S. Election Briefing


Chet Thompson, President & CEO, AFPM
Derrick Morgan, Senior Vice President, Federal & Regulatory Affairs.

With the first Presidential caucus’ and primary in the books and the 2020 US Congressional elections primed to be highly competitive, the race to control Washington has begun. There is no doubt the 2020 elections are bound to have lasting impacts on the Petrochemical Industry in both the United States and around the world. Your Washington insiders will offer insight and analysis into key political races throughout the country, discuss the potential impacts of the election, and highlight key issues impacting our industry.
8:30 am
12:00 pm


9:30 am
11:00 am

Petrochemical Forum

The Current and Future State of the Petrochemical Industry

Nigel Davis, Insight Editor & Course Director, ICIS

Jason Bergstrom, Principal and Sub-sector Lead, Petrochemicals, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Matthew Blair, Managing Director, Refining and Chemicals, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.
Steve Weber, Vice President, Petrochemicals and Refining Consulting, Argus Media
Warren Wilczewski, Lead Industry Economist, US Energy Information Agency

The global economy is heavily dependent on petrochemicals and the many lifesaving and life-improving products they make possible. As the global middle class is expected to grow considerably and rapidly, so will the need for petrochemicals. Growth in the petrochemical industry does face headwinds and challenges (e.g., climate issues, plastic waste, trade concerns, oversupplied markets, etc.). This session includes leading experts thought on the current state of the petrochemical industry as well as the future of our industry.
11:30 am
2:00 pm

International Petrochemical Luncheon

Walter Isaacson, Best-Selling Author; Acclaimed Historian and Journalist; Professor of History, Tulane University

Walter Isaacson shares his insight about the common traits historical figures share and how those traits can be used to empower today’s business leaders. His ability to brilliantly capture the unique cultural currents surrounding America’s greatest leaders and creative thinkers is showcased in his best-selling books on Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin and Leonardo Da Vinci. Bringing audiences closer to these remarkable figures, he shares fascinating details of how success came to each of these men through the questioning of conventional wisdom and a willingness to explore new ideas. He provides an astute analysis of timeless leadership principles and the lessons they can teach us on fostering the creativity necessary to compete in a new century of globalization.

Price: $125.00

Luncheon open to registered attendees only. Badge & ticket required to gain admittance. Reserved Seating is available with purchase of table of 10 only. Tables of 10 are only available to members. Tickets must be purchased by March 13. No tickets or same-day seating will be available on-site.
Name Price Available To
IPC Member Registration - Early $800.00 Member/Government
IPC Member Registration - Late $900.00 Member/Government
IPC Non-Member Registration - Early $1,500.00 Non-Members
IPC Non-Member Registration - Late $1,600.00 Non-Members
IPC Spouse Registration $100.00
BOW Member Registration - Late $900.00 Member/Government
BOW Member Registration - Early $800.00 Member/Government
BOW Non-Member Registration - Late $1,600.00 Non-Members
BOW Spouse Registration $100.00
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Special Events

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Tickets must be purchased by March 13th in order to attend the International Petrochemical Luncheon.  No tickets or same-day seating will be available on-site.

Name Price Available To
International Petrochemical Luncheon
Luncheon Ticket $125.00 Registered Attendees Only
International Petrochemical Luncheon - Table of 10
Luncheon Table $1,250.00 Members


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