The Current and Future State of the Petrochemical Industry

Nigel Davis, Insight Editor & Course Director, ICIS

Jason Bergstrom, Principal and Sub-sector Lead, Petrochemicals, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Matthew Blair, Managing Director, Refining and Chemicals, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.
Steve Weber, Vice President, Petrochemicals and Refining Consulting, Argus Media
Warren Wilczewski, Lead Industry Economist, US Energy Information Agency

The global economy is heavily dependent on petrochemicals and the many lifesaving and life-improving products they make possible. As the global middle class is expected to grow considerably and rapidly, so will the need for petrochemicals. Growth in the petrochemical industry does face headwinds and challenges (e.g., climate issues, plastic waste, trade concerns, oversupplied markets, etc.). This session includes leading experts thought on the current state of the petrochemical industry as well as the future of our industry.
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