Changing Forces in Global Wax Industry Environment
Pooja Sharma, Project Manager, Kline & Company

The shift from conventional petroleum wax-based products to synthetic and vegetable waxes is becoming intense. Non-conventional waxes, particularly Fischer-Tropsch’s and hydrogenated vegetable, are increasingly becoming the focus for growth in the wax business. The wax landscape is also changing on the end-use side. The ability of new and growing applications to adapt to non-petroleum wax types will now set the stage for future wax supply and demand balance. In light of these market developments, this presentation will look at current and projected supply by wax types in key regions, and demand by wax type and application, preview the current trends and where the market is heading in the near future and the changing supplier landscape.

Global Base Oil: Demand, Supply, and Sustainability Challenges
Blake Eskew, Vice President, IHS Markit

This presentation will examine and discuss the following:
- How are trends in mobility and sustainability affecting the demand for lubricants and base oils?
- How have trends in refining economics and oil markets affected base oil operations and investment?
- How are base oil demand and supply responding to changing lubricant consumption patterns, changing technical requirements, competitive production economics and capacity growth?
- How will the rivalry between base oil groups evolve?
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