• What We Make

    AFPM members manufacture the fuels that power every type of motor vehicle that exists — cars, trucks, trains, planes, ships, boats, motorcycles, helicopters, recreational vehicles and more. These vehicles transport the vast majority of Americans most places they go.

    The fuels we manufacture also power the vehicles that make modern American agriculture possible, enabling farmers and ranchers to plant and harvest the crops and transport the livestock that provide us with the food we eat.

    In addition, just about every product on the shelves of stores around the nation was brought there by vehicles powered by the fuels AFPM members refine. Many of those vehicles travel on roads covered with asphalt — another product manufactured at refineries.

    Every home and commercial building was built with the help of vehicles powered by our fuels as well. And millions of those buildings are heated with the home heating oil that is also manufactured in our members’ refineries.

    AFPM members also manufacture the petrochemicals that are the basic foundation of most items that make our daily lives safer, healthier, more productive and efficient.