• Petrochemicals

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    Petrochemicals, which are manufactured from crude oil and natural gas liquids, are used to produce thousands of products that make 21st century life possible. Everything not made from rocks, plants, other living things or metal is made from petrochemicals. This includes everything made of plastic.

    Petrochemicals make possible many innovations and benefits for society. They are used to make medications and medical devices that treat you when you’re ill. They are the building blocks for body armor and other high-tech materials, which are used to protect police officers, firefighters and the men and women in our armed forces. They are key raw materials that keep you safe while driving in your car, and make modern communications possible. In fact, regardless of how you’re viewing this website -- on a desktop computer, laptop or smart phone -- the viewing device is made from petrochemicals.

    Petrochemicals and their derivatives, as well as all chemicals and the facilities that handle them, are highly regulated throughout world to ensure the health of consumers and the environment.

  • Petrochemicals make 21st century products possible