This webinar is part of a series of webinars dedicated to expanding learning opportunities throughout the year.

Webinar Details

October 29, 2020

2:00 PM Eastern

Harold Eggert, Chief Global Technical Advisor, Athlon Solutions, A Halliburton Company
John Hazlewood, Manager, Production Chemicals Technical Services Group, Halliburton

Sponsored by AFPM’s Crude Group, this webinar will discuss production methods and chemicals used in the oil field and the potential impact and remediation of those chemicals when the feedstock enters the refining process.


  1. Brief summary of production methods
    1. Conventional
    2. SAGD
    3. Polymer flooding
    4. Enhanced Oil Recovery, for tight oil
  2. Discussion of classes of chemistry use and reason for injection
    1. Polymers
    2. Drag reducers
    3. Water clarifiers
    4. H2S scavengers
    5. Scale inhibitors
    6. Corrosion Inhibitors
  3. How these chemistries impact the refinery
    1. Waste Water Plant (TOC COD)
    2. Desalter Upsets
    3. Crude Preheat Fouling
    4. Crude Tower and Overhead  Fouling and Corrosion
  4. How to diagnose and mitigate some of the issues
  5. How to determine what chemistries might be causing the issues



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