Webinar Details

October 14, 2020

11:00 AM Eastern

Steven Crimando, Principal and Founder, Behavioral Science Applications LLC

Safety and security professionals, as well as emergency management leaders and first responders of all types benefit from a knowledge and understanding of the causes, warning signs and behavioral dynamics of groups, crowds and mobs that are associated with violent and destructive protests and riots. Such an understanding better prepares responders for the new challenges associated with the use of social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and globalization as they relate to the development of crisis situations and the potential of dangerous and violent collective behavior. Civil unrest directed against specific organizations or sectors, as well as occurring in nearby communities, can also be highly disruptive to all types of business operations and pose a risk to employers and employees alike. This 90-minute session will provide timely, actionable information to better protect your organization’s personnel and assets in potential group, crowd or mob situation.

Program Highlights

  • Types, scope and prevalence of collective violence
  • Defining and distinguishing between groups, crowds and mobs
  • The psychology of crowds
  • The physics of crowds
  • Identifying “flashpoints”
  • Effective countermeasures and crowd management strategies
  • Business Continuity and Facility Security concerns and countermeasures
  • Personal and team safety in crowds and mobs
  • Last-chance survival tactics in violent mob situations