Current Regulations: Missoula has a winter (Nov. - Feb.) oxygenated gasoline (min. 2.7 wt%) program that is voluntary ethanol only.

Montana Code Annotated 82-15-103 standards for petroleum products include ASTM standards and specifications, enforced by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Business Standards Division, Weights and Measures Bureau.

SB 293, signed by the Governor on 4/28/05, requires that gasoline include 10 vol% agriculturally derived, denatured ethanol and may not contain more than trace amounts of MTBE, effective within 12 months after MT has produced 40 million gallons of denatured ethanol. An exception is unleaded premium gasoline.  This ethanol mandate was repealed by SB 101, signed by the Governor on 2/13/17.   

Signed by the Governor on 4/25/05, SB 131 bans more than trace amounts of MTBE in gasoline, effective 1/1/06; see Session Law Chapter Number 385. The MT Department of Environmental Quality enforces the MTBE ban. See Montana Code Annotated 82-15-120, 82-15-110(8) and 82-15-102(3).

Legislature: Introduced in January 2007, HB 309 would require all diesel to contain at least 2 vol% biodiesel, effective 30 days after the MT Department of Labor and Industry certifies to the Governor that there is sufficient biodiesel production capacity or 7/1/08, whichever is earlier.SB 432, amended and passed by the Senate in 2/27/07, would require diesel to contain at least 2 vol% biodiesel when there is adequate biodiesel production capacity in the state. SB 473, introduced in February 2007, would make several changes to the ethanol mandate.Introduced in February 2007, SB 516 would require at least 5 vol% biodiesel in non road diesel (except for railroads) if there is adequate supply produced in MT (or 7/1/08, whichever is earlier), if a minimum of 50% of the biodiesel produced in MT is derived from vegetable oil extracted from Montana - grown crops, if a minimum of 2 biodiesel production facilities are operating in the state, and if the average pretax price of the biodiesel blend does not exceed the price of petroleum dyed diesel by more than 15%.

Last updated May 2018