New Campaign Urges President Biden to Get RFS Costs Under Control

A new ad campaign spotlights the surging costs and unprecedented impact of biofuel mandates on America’s refineries.


FAQs: Hurricane Preparedness and Response 2021

Extreme weather grabs headlines — from flooding and tornadoes in the Midwest, to destructive hurricanes that make landfall along America’s coastlines, to an unprecedented deep freeze in Texas.


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From the Inside: How Industry Environmentalists are Driving Sustainability Efforts Within Refining and Petrochemical Companies

The idea of an environmentalist working in the refining and petrochemical industries seems like the ultimate paradox to some. But scientists and environmentally minded experts within these sectors are emerging as some of the most effective and powerful champions of sustainability, spearheading efforts and innovations both internally and externally to help protect the environment.

Biden Administration needs different approach to environmental goals

Chet Thompson
Vehicle efficiency is not a partisan issue. Every driver wants cleaner, more efficient cars and trucks. They also want them to be affordable, safe and family friendly. Fuel-powered internal combustion engine vehicles offer a range of options that satisfy these criteria, and they’re getting better every year.

18.6 million

U.S. refining increased to more than 18.6 million barrels per day, almost 20% of global capacity.

4 million

We create the jobs that employ more than 4 million Americans in 33 states.

$185 billion

Petrochemical manufacturers have invested $185 billion to expand operations to meet growing demand.