• About Our Members

    American Manufacturing

    American manufacturing powers the American Dream. Most economists agree that a nation’s strength, stability and security are directly tied to its position as a global manufacturing power.

    What We Make

    AFPM members manufacture the fuels that power every type of motor vehicle that exists — cars, trucks, trains, planes, ships, boats, motorcycles, helicopters, recreational vehicles and more. These vehicles transport the vast majority of Americans most places they go.

    AFPM members are there when you need us – providing reliable and proven products for your everyday life. Every hour of every day, millions of Americans benefit from products made by members of AFPM.

    How a Refinery Works

    Petroleum refining is the process where crude oil is separated into useful products such as gasoline and diesel fuel. Using distillation, the different boiling points allow the products to be separated. Advanced methods are then employed to further process it into fuels and other products.

    Petrochemical Facts

    Products Made from Petrochemicals include plastics, soaps, detergents, solvents (such as paint thinner), paints, drugs, fertilizer, pesticides, explosives, synthetic fibers and rubbers, and flooring and insulating materials. Petrochemicals are found in such common products as aspirin, cars, clothing, compact discs, video tapes, electronic equipment, furniture, and much more.

    Supporting Communities

    AFPM members play a critical role in supporting local communities and their economies. In addition to providing jobs directly and indirectly for nearly 2 million men and women across our country, our refineries and petrochemical plants and our employees pay billions of dollars in taxes and fees to the federal government, states, local governments and school districts.