Welcome and Introductory Remarks
Chet Thompson, AFPM President and CEO

2024 Petrochemical Heritage Award Presentation

The Petrochemical Heritage Award recognizes those whose contributions to public understanding are noteworthy, who have displayed significant entrepreneurship in the petrochemical profession or industry, and who have been active in philanthropic and/or communal affairs. This year’s honoree is Karen McKee, President of ExxonMobil Product Solutions Company.

Morning Keynote: China and the USA: How the 21th Century Unfolds
Admiral James Stavridis, Former NATO Commander
Admiral Stavridis, an expert on China who spent over half his career in the Pacific Fleet, takes the audience through the history and culture of China and describes how the US and China have emerged as the two crucial superpowers of the 21st century. He describes the ongoing conflict between the nations in trade, tariffs, intellectual property, global influence and the “hotspot” of the South China Sea. The Admiral then lays out a prescription for avoiding a conflict with China in the decades ahead, with predictions of the evolution of the global landscape as it will be influenced by the US-China relationship.
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