Advocacy - How Community Engagement Benefits People on Both Sides of the Fence
Refineries and petrochemical facilities are critical to cultivating thriving communities. Serving as the foundation of local economies, they are also active partners in programs to advance education, health, safety, and environmental protection. Through these programs and open and transparent communication, they are building trust and lasting partnerships with the people that live in their communities. Hear how our industries are establishing goodwill and supporting their neighbors, and how these activities benefit our workers, from the people who live it every day.

Jaime Zarraby, Senior Vice President, Communications, AFPM

Adam Gattuso, Government Affairs and Communication Leader, Monroe Energy
Blythe Bellows Lamonica, Senior Manager, S.E. Communications Hub, BASF Corporation
Jake Reint, Managing Director of Public Affairs, Flint Hills Resources

Operational Excellence and Culture - Transparency, Credibility and Confidentiality in Sustainability
The energy industry faces a challenging future as governments and financial institutions make a strong push for climate sustainability strategies. Key industry stakeholders are feeling a sense of urgency as near-term commitments are expected. Add to the mix the expectation that data be publicly available, and black-box solutions are no longer being acceptable. Welcome to the Information Age. The industry needs to adapt with flexible, modular ways to provide information in the right context while still protecting their intellectual property. To do so requires a variety of data, methodologies, and partnerships to cross-validate and capture different dimensions of the sustainability landscape. Join us as we present findings and observations from our journey toward providing clients actionable insight and reporting that has been transparent, credible, and confidential.

Tim Go, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, HollyFrontier Corporation

Charles J. Reith, Jr., President & CEO, HSB Solomon Associates LLC

Technology - Midstream Policy Outlook
In recent years we have experienced a myriad of legislative and regulatory midstream policies that improved pipeline safety and streamlined infrastructure permitting.  During the same period, pipelines have become highly politicized.  We have seen widespread efforts to stifle or stop midstream infrastructure projects through the regulatory process, legislation, and litigation.  Furthermore, with a new Administration and Congress focused on transitioning to renewable energy sources the next four years are likely to remain very active. This panel will review current regulatory, legislative, and legal midstream issues and provide and near-term outlook on midstream policy issues.

Robert Benedict, Vice President, Petrochemicals & Midstream, AFPM

Keith Coyle, Attorney, Babst Calland
Christi Tezak, Managing Director, ClearView Energy Partners, LLC
Cynthia Quarterman, Distinguished Fellow, Atlantic Council