1. AFPM Fired Heater

2. AFPM EmPower

3. Cyber Threats in the Oil & Gas Industry
This session will provide an in-depth cyber threat briefing on key issues to the oil and gas industry pipelines and facilities; and cyber threats to pipelines both in the US and abroad.

Speaker: Sergio Caltagirone, Dragos

4. Flow Accelerated Corrosion Gridding
This session will focus on mixed reality applications for fast augmented gridding of elbows and/or straight piping. This demonstration will show how this application can reduce costs, increase reliability, and enhance safety.

Speaker: Martin Rosemond, TEAM Industrial Services

5. Robotics Breakthrough for Industrial Process Autonomous Operations
This session will describe how robotics can simulate operator rounds with many humanlike capabilities such as sight, hearing, smell, and tactile feel, which allow them to read gauges, record sound signatures, use thermal imaging to read hot and cold spots, and determine valve positions as the first steps toward to enabling autonomous operations.

Discover how robots are becoming part of the mainstream in industrial operations, how they can perform the "dull, dirty and dangerous" tasks and allow workers to perform more meaningful tasks, and how they can perform tasks to enable operations having difficulty placing new employees.

Speaker: Dr. Penny Chen, Yokogawa
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