Chairman's Welcome:
Jeff Ramsey, President & CEO, Flint Hills Resources, AFPM Chairman of the Board

Leadership Award Presentation:
U.S. Senator Joe Mancin, (D-West Virginia)

President's Report, State of Association:
Chet Thompson, President & CEO, AFPM
Cedric Richmond, Senior Advisor to the President of the United States
Representative Garrett Graves, (R-Louisiana 6th District)

Keynote Presentations:

What's REALLY On The Mind Of America
 Most public opinion experts can only tell you what they think is on the minds of ordinary Americans, but Dr. Frank Luntz lets ordinary Americans speak for themselves. Through thousands of hours of intense direct response/focus group dial testing, Dr. Luntz has his fingers on the pulse of every issue Americans talk about today. Dr. Luntz will provide expert insight and analysis that can help you, the business leader, the politician, or just the average citizen, understand the thoughts and feelings of the average American.

Frank Luntz, Pollster and Communications Expert
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