Track 1: Crude & Coking
- Coking Troubleshooting and Lessons Learned

Track 2: Gasoline Processing
- Molecular Management Around Gasoline Units
- Increased Octane Demand - Investment Strategy for the Future (Traditional Technologies vs. Emerging Technologies)

Track 3: Hydroprocessing
- The How and Why of Hydroprocessing Safety Systems

Track 4: FCC
- FCC Catalyst Withdrawal Line Reliability
- Equipment Fundamentals and Maintenance - Catalyst Slide Valves, Flue Gas Slide Valves, Orifice Chambers and Variable Orifice Valves

Track 5: Technical
- Roundtable Session: Routine Maintenance Planning & Scheduling - Best Practices to Improve Craft Work Productivity

Track 6: Technical
- Dynamic Real Time Optimization for Value Sustainment: The Same Silos are Not Going to Cut It

Track 7: Technical
- Crude Troubleshooting and Lessons Learned
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