Welcome and Introductory Remarks
Chet Thompson, AFPM President and CEO

2023 Petrochemical Heritage Award Presentation
Jim Fitterling, CEO, Dow Chemical Company

The Petrochemical Heritage Award recognizes those whose contributions to public understanding are noteworthy, who have displayed significant entrepreneurship in the petrochemical profession or industry, and who have been active in philanthropic and/or communal affairs. This year’s honoree is Jim Fitterling, CEO Dow

Morning Keynote: Economic Forecast: Impact of Seismic Surprises
Marci Rossell, Expert Economic Forecaster, Former Chief Economist for CNBC and Co-Host of Squawk Box

One of the most trusted names in financial reporting and economics, Dr. Rossell delivers a U.S. economic outlook for the next 18-24 months. Drawing on history, theory, and her ringside seat to Wall Street, she delivers an insider’s perspective on the most important economic events of our time and discusses the impact of key factors like inflation, supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and the possibility of a recession. Get an informed outlook n the coming year and understand new opportunities that are on the horizon. Dr. Rossell outlines the current state of the economy, explaining monetary policy, movements in the stock market, oil prices and the real estate market. She highlights that current conditions are symptomatic of a larger trend: businesses today face a variety of seismic surprises, including cyberterrorism, environmental disasters, swings in the regulatory regime, and, yes, pandemics as well.

Closing Session Remarks
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