Webinar Details

We will be reviewing recently published Walk the Line practice sharing documents: “Show Me Tags” and “Interactive WTL Training Model,” focusing on how these practices help achieve both energy isolation and Walk the Line goals. A case study will be included of how one company engaged Maintenance in Walk the Line, with a focus on equipment readiness and return to service. The presenters will be seeking input from attendees on additional methods for engaging Maintenance and related practices for potential development.


  • Tjokro Hermanto, Conduct of Operations Manager, AmSty
  • Amir Anderson, Maintenance Manager, AmSty
  • Wesley J. Farrell, HSES Specialist I, LyondellBasell
  • Michael Vopatek, Maintenance Manager, LyondellBasell

Intended Audience
Maintenance, Operations, Process Safety and Safety Professionals

Expected Takeaways

  • Walk the Line is for everyone and can help facilitate good conversations to approach and mitigate hazards
  • Inspire more and better conversations between Operations, Maintenance, and HSE, especially earlier on in the process
  • Overlap between Walk the Line and energy isolation programs