This webinar is part of a series of webinars dedicated to expanding learning opportunities throughout the year.

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Sponsored by AFPM's Hydroprocessing Group, this webinar will focus on getting the most from your hydrogen plant in challenging times. Operational advise, industry advancement and guidance for hydrogen plant operations will be discussed. 


  1. Use of H2 in the production of green fuels?
  2. Considerations to repurpose existing H2 plants and increase capacity
  3. Performance and Optimization of the Reformer during transitional operations
  4. CI incentives to be considered in developing the existing and new hydrogen capacity for renewable hydroprocessing projects
  5. The H2bridge™ case for additional H2 capacity

Marco A. Márquez
Director of Business Development – Refining 

Josh Siegel
Head of Commercial Sales Fuels & Energy - Americas

Thor Martin Gallardo
Technology Licensing Manager
North America 

About The Summit
The Summit: Excellence in Plant Performance blends AFPM’s traditional refining and petrochemical manufacturing technical curriculum with new creative opportunities including cross-disciplinary learning and discussion focused on tangible takeaways that drive excellence in plant performance. Topics and themes throughout the conference will highlight emerging process technologies, process safety, improved reliability and operations, mechanical integrity, training, leadership, and culture.