• Membership Information

    AFPM has three categories of membership - Regular, International Manufacturing, and Associate. Membership is corporate in classification, with employees of member organizations, and their subsidiaries, entitled to the benefits of AFPM membership. All applications are vetted by the AFPM Executive Committee.

    Regular (Refiners and Petrochemical Manufacturers)

    A company operating a petroleum refinery or petrochemical plant using processes similar to a refinery in the United States may become a regular member upon application. If you feel that you qualify for regular membership, please send a letter indicating your desire for membership along with verification of the refining capacity of your facility; or for petrochemical manufacturers, a description of the processes used by your company in petrochemical manufacture.

    International Manufacturing

    A company operating a petroleum refinery or a petrochemical plant using processes similar to a refinery outside the United States may become an international manufacturing member.


    Associate memberships are extended to both domestic and international companies with special interests in petroleum refining or petrochemical manufacturing who do not possess refineries or production facilities themselves.


    AFPM sponsors more than a dozen comprehensive, information-packed meetings to help our members excel in business. Members benefit from significantly reduced registration fees for AFPM conferences, tradeshows, and workshops, several of which are among the foremost available in the refining and petrochemical industries worldwide. In addition, AFPM maintains publications to help our members stay ahead of the curve on industry statistics, technical innovations, environment and safety developments, security, and other issues of relevance. Most of these publications are provided free to all members as a standard benefit.

    For further information on membership with AFPM, please contact the Membership Coordinator at membership@afpm.org or telephone 202.457.0480