Webinar Details

September 28, 2021

2:00 PM Eastern

Neal Cammy, Engineering Manager, BLAC INC. Elmhurst, Illinois
Neal joined BLAC in fall 2011 after 31 years with UOP.  At UOP, Neal worked mainly in FCC technology on new unit startups, refinery troubleshooting, reliability, new process control and safety-instrumented system strategies, and project sales. Neal was one of the authors of the UOP FCC ElectroHydraulic Actuator specification. Neal has co-authored several papers in the area of safety system design, holds two U.S. patents for FCC control strategy, and has presented at AFPM conferences on FCC operations while with UOP, and was the leader of the CAT-12-104 Slide Valve and Actuator Reliability workshop at the 2012 AFPM Cat Cracker Seminar while with BLAC. Neal holds a BSChE from the Polytechnic Institute of NY (now NYU Tandon School of Engineering).

Part 1 - FCC Slide Valve Actuator Systems is designed for anyone associated with the FCC Unit and wants to know more about how the slide valve actuator systems work.

Presentation includes:

  • History of FCC slide valve actuator systems
  • Evolution of HPCU design for control performance and reliability
  • Technological advances allowing for improved designs
  • Component reliability and common failures
  • Key online parameters to monitor and turnaround activities for high performance Fundamentals of a modern HPCU and how key components work (servo and solenoid)
  • Upgrades for reliability/maintainability
  • New actuator system “styles” – pros and cons of non-servo driven systems
  • New BLAC developments