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    America’s refiners and petrochemical manufacturers create essential products that make your life better. Our members make the dependable, affordable gasoline, diesel, jet fuel that you and your family rely on to get where you need to go. These fuels also ensure that food, medicine, clothing, delivery services, and other essentials are available on demand, on your doorstep, and around the world.

    We also make the materials that make modern life possible. By manufacturing the essential components found in medical devices, electronics, credit cards, phones, clothing, kitchen appliances, furniture, transportation parts, wind turbines, and thousands of other things, our members work every day to make your life better.

    AFPM educates families, consumers, and small businesses across the country about how we can and do provide more opportunities in the communities we serve. Learn more about how we promote prosperity through innovation by visiting AFPM in Your Community.

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    Workforce Development

    Launch your career in the fuel and petrochemical sectors – explore well-paying career opportunities at workforce.afpm.org

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