• Transcripts

    AFPM publishes technical transcripts from the Technology Q&A Sessions and other AFPM meetings and conferences. These sessions are led by panels of industry experts. Questions for the Q&A sessions are compiled from responses to an industry-wide "Call for Questions." The transcripts include the questions, panel responses, and comments from attendees. Also included are topical indices and lists of session attendees.

    The Technology Q&A Session Transcripts

    These are the proceedings of the annual two-and-a-half day discussion by industry panelists and attendees on process technology issues, ranging from emerging technologies and process developments to environmental and other processing problems. Electronic versions of the transcripts are available to members through the AFPM online store at no charge.

    Orders can be made through the online store.

    Reliability & Maintenance Conference and Exhibition Transcripts

    Reliability & Maintenance Conference Transcripts are the proceedings of the two-and-a-half day meeting consisting of Management, Reliability, and Turnaround Question and Answer Sessions, as well as technical papers presented in the General Sessions and Workshops.

    Orders can be made through the online store.

    Cat Cracker Seminar Transcript

    Cat Cracker Seminar Transcripts are the proceedings of the one-and-a-half day session held every other year (even years) addressing reliability problems specific to the catalytic cracking process. Order Form for all Meeting Transcripts  

    Clean Fuels Challenge Q&A Transcript

    Clean Fuels Challenge Q&A Transcript is the proceeding from the day-and-a-half meeting held in alternate years (odd years) to the Cat Cracker Seminar. The meeting focuses on challenging issues of operations, maintenance and reliability facing the refining industry in light of ultra-low sulfur standard requirements.

    2001 - 2009 Electronic Edition - Available through the online store