• Staff

    Chet Thompson, President

    • Rebbie J. Riley, Executive Assistant

    Brendan E. Williams, Executive Vice President


        Rebecca H. Adler, Senior Director, Communications

        Diana Cronan, Director, Communications

      • Victor Adams, Manager, Web/Database Systems
      • Alex Adams, Specialist, Social Media

      Government Relations

        Geoff Moody, Senior Director, Government Relations

      • Laura Berkey-Ames, Manager, Government Relations
      • Lauren Sheehan, Manager, Government Relations

      Industry Analysis

        Joanne M. Shore, Chief Industry Analyst


        Sarah Magruder Lyle, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

        Steve Higley, Director, Outreach

      • Jared Hawes, Manager, Outreach
      • Elizabeth Olds, Specialist, Outreach
      • Ariel Burinsky, Executive Assistant, Advocacy


        Melissa Hockstad, Vice President, Petrochemicals

        James R. Cooper, Senior Petrochemical Advisor

      • Rose Sabijon, Manager, Petrochemical Programs

      Regulatory Affairs

        David N. Friedman, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

        Jeff Gunnulfsen, Director, Security and Risk Management

        Tim Hogan, Director, Motor Fuels

      • Andriy Shvab, Coordinator, Regulatory Affairs

    Member Services and Programs Department/Technical Departments

      Susan Yashinskie, Vice President, Member Services & Programs

      Jeff Hazle, Senior Director, Refining Technology

      Dan Strachan, Director, Industrial Relations and Programs

      Lara Swett, Senior Director, Health & Safety Programs

      Helen M. Kutska, Senior Director, Convention Services

      Gordon Robertson, Director, Technical Programs

    • Merla Zollinger, Manager, Convention Services
    • Colleen Van Gieson, Manager, Meetings
    • Anna M. Scherer, Manager, Process Safety Database
    • Eileen Scherzinger, Manager, Regional Network
    • LaToya Blackburn, Specialist, Member Services
    • Yvette Brooks, Coordinator, Technical Programs
    • Tanya Cooper, Coordinator, Conference Programs
    • Laura Naso, Coordinator, Safety Programs
    • Jenessa Jensen, Registrar
    • Katharine Nesslage, Coordinator, Exhibits


      Rich Moskowitz, General Counsel

    Finance/Administration/Convention Services

      Gerald R. Van De Velde, Chief Financial Officer

      Wade L. Easter, Director, Accounting

    • Lydia M. Austin, PHR, Senior Generalist, Human Resources
    • Tanji Davis, Accounting Associate
    • Carlos Lopez, IT Consultant
    • John Manansala, Accountant/IT Support
    • Angela Segura, Receptionist/Facilities Manager