• Staff

    Charles T. Drevna, President

    • Rebbie J. Riley, Executive Assistant

    Brendan E. Williams, Executive Vice President


        Rebecca H. Adler, Senior Director, Communications

        Diana Cronan, Director, Communications

      • Victor Adams, Manager, Web/Database Systems
      • Alex Adams, Specialist, Social Media
      • Sandra E. Tarquinio, Coordinator, Communications

      Government Relations

        Geoff Moody, Senior Director, Government Relations

      Industry Analysis

        Joanne M. Shore, Chief Industry Analyst


        Sarah Magruder Lyle, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

        Steve Higley, Director, Outreach

      • Elizabeth Olds, Specialist, Outreach
      • Erica Sieg, Administrative Assistant, Advocacy


        Melissa Hockstad, Vice President, Petrochemicals

        James R. Cooper, Senior Petrochemical Advisor

      • Rose Sabijon, Manager, Petrochemical Programs

      Regulatory Affairs

        David N. Friedman, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

        Jeff Gunnulfsen, Director, Security and Risk Management

        Tim Hogan, Director, Motor Fuels

      • Andriy Shvab, Coordinator, Regulatory Affairs

    Member Services and Programs Department/Technical Departments

      Susan Yashinskie, Vice President, Member Relations & Development

      Jeff Hazle, Senior Director, Refining Technology

      Dan Strachan, Director, Industrial Relations and Programs

      Lara Swett, Director, Health and Safety Programs

      Helen M. Kutska, Senior Director, Convention Services

    • Merla Zollinger, Manager, Convention Services
    • Colleen Van Gieson, Manager, Meetings
    • Gordon Robertson, Manager, Technical Programs
    • Anna M. Scherer, Manager, Process Safety Database
    • Eileen Scherzinger, Manager, Regional Network
    • LaToya Blackburn, Coordinator, Membership
    • Yvette Brooks, Coordinator, Technical Programs
    • Tanya Cooper, Coordinator, Conference Programs
    • Laura Naso, Coordinator, Safety Programs
    • Jenessa Jensen, Registrar
    • Katharine Nesslage, Coordinator, Exhibits


      Rich Moskowitz, General Counsel

    Finance/Administration/Convention Services

      Gerald R. Van De Velde, Chief Financial Officer

      Wade L. Easter, Director, Accounting

    • Valentia Royal, Manager, Human Resources
    • Tanji Davis, Accounting Associate
    • Carlos Lopez, IT Consultant
    • John Manansala, Accountant/IT Support
    • Angela Segura, Receptionist/Facilities Manager