• Supporting Communities and Economies

    AFPM members play a critical role in supporting local communities and their economies. In addition to providing jobs directly and indirectly for nearly 2 million men and women across our country, our refineries and petrochemical plants and our employees pay billions of dollars in taxes and fees to the federal government, states, local governments and school districts.

    In fact, companies that produce oil and natural gas and that manufacture fuels and petrochemicals pay income taxes, royalties and other fees to all levels of government totaling nearly $86 million every day — about $31 billion a year. In 2010, our industry paid more taxes per company than any other industry, providing the most private sector revenue to the Federal treasury of all industries in our economy.

    Our employees and contractors play vital roles in their local communities. They purchase goods with their paychecks to support local businesses, volunteer as firefighters and emergency medical technicians, coach and tutor in schools, donate money and time to charities, volunteer for local government boards, and strengthen communities in countless other ways.