WASHINGTON, D.C. – American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers President Charles T. Drevna issued the following statement in response to a Coordinating Research Council report issued today on the organization's extensive testing of higher ethanol blends in vehicles that the Environmental Protection Agency says can handle such blends:  

"The Coordinating Research Council's objective scientific tests have found disturbing evidence that increasing the amount of ethanol in gasoline above the current 10 percent causes serious damage to car engines. The study shows that a significant percentage of cars tested suffered engine damage when refueled with 15 percent ethanol. These are cars EPA has approved to run on E15 and are representative of approximately 5 million vehicles in the nation's existing fleet.

"This study represents a growing body of scientific evidence concluding that ethanol in blends greater than 10 percent damages vehicles and outdoor power equipment engines and ultimately leaves consumers forced to pay costly repair bills. Auto manufacturers are now labeling gas caps of new vehicles with a warning against using ethanol in blends greater than 10 percent in an attempt to insulate themselves from liability caused by EPA's approval of E15. Unfortunately, existing vehicles do not contain this warning and consumers may not fully understand its implications, leaving them to foot the bill for damage caused by this alternative fuel.

Based on this new evidence, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson should reconsider her decision to allow the use of 15 percent ethanol blends in the nation's gasoline supply. EPA has a responsibility to protect the American people from inadequately tested fuel blends. Consumers have the right to expect federal officials to devote adequate time and funds to follow real science - not political science - and to put the interests of the American people first. No one should be asked to pump first and ask questions later and become a participant in a giant science experiment to line the coffers of large agribusinesses while overlooking the real-world implications of E15."

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