Cellulosic biofuel has been negligible. In January 2013, the RFS regulatory value for 2012 was vacated by a court. In November 2013, EPA proposed to set the RFS regulatory value for 2011 from 6 million ethanol-equivalent gallons to zero and to refund the purchases of cellulosic biofuel waiver credits.

EPA recently repeated this proposal (see 80 FR 33146; 6/10/15). For 2013, EPA corrected the regulatory value from 6 million gallons to less than 1 million ethanol-equivalent gallons.

Last year, EPA got creative. EPA changed the RFS regulations so that biogas from landfills, which was a RFS advanced biofuel (but not a RFS cellulosic biofuel), could now be cellulosic because municipal solid waste contains some cellulosic content.

EPA moved the goalposts late in the game. Biogas generated 26 million advanced biofuel RINs in 2013, and averaged 2.7 million/month between Jan. and July 2014. Beginning on August 18, 2014, biogas can generate cellulosic RINs instead (per 79 FR 42128; 7/18/14). Therefore, almost all of the cellulosic RINs in 2014 were Renewable CNG and LNG from biogas.

Aside from this redefinition, cellulosic biofuel production in 2014 was again negligible.

For the first six months of 2015, 98 percent of cellulosic biofuel RINs have been Renewable CNG and LNG from biogas.