It's that time of year again: Christmas trees are up, holiday songs are on the radio, and Santa is checking his naughty and nice list. So who is in line for a gift, and who is going to wake up on Christmas morning this year with a lump of coal in their stocking? Here are AFPM's guesses...



EPA has done itself no favors this year, as it continues to keep everyone in the dark (and refiners guessing) over the RFS rules—with Acting Assistant Administrator Janet McCabe only last week refusing to give even a vague date for when the 2014, 2015 and 2016 rules will be ready. Its proposed Ozone regulation could be the costliest in U.S. history, and will basically designate almost all of the country as dirty—including America's National Parks, from some of which you can see the Milky Way. Are these pristine parks struggling with air quality and in need of such stringent regulations?  We doubt it.


A permanent fixture on any political naughty or nice list, Congress has not let us down this year. A particular low point was the Senate's refusal to pass a Keystone bill that would have promoted North American energy security, generated billions of dollars for the economy and created thousands of jobs. Something to be proud of there.

Renewable Fuels Association

Because who doesn't want a less efficient fuel, which is harmful to engines, forced upon them? Gas station owners across the country are also queuing up to thank the RFA, which wants them to spend thousands of dollars on installing new E15 pumps that are unpopular with consumers and vehicle manufacturers.

Growth Energy

Growth Energy has had a fun year. The group spent most of 2014 urging Washington lawmakers to "stand up to Big Oil" on the RFS, but abandoned that approach after EPA's series of astounding RFS rulemaking blunders in the last two weeks. Looking for someone to blame for this flawed policy, Growth Energy finally settled upon EPA, describing its proposed rule as "flawed from the beginning." Make up your mind, Growth Energy. If it's not Big Oil, it's EPA. When will you actually begin to blame yourselves?

Natural Resources Defense Council

Like Growth Energy and the RFA, the NRDC seems determined to stop the economic and job growth created by the U.S. shale boom in order to shift America to inefficient energy sources, as well as those energy industries which are so ineffective they require significant taxpayer help to keep them going (we're looking at you, wind.) Just this week, the NRDC released its latest "study," with findings that are highly critical of the hydraulic fracturing. It's only flaw? The findings are drawn from a "comprehensive literature review," and not from actual on-the-ground research.


National Association of Manufacturers

One of the few groups out there that devotes significant time, effort and resources to promoting and protecting America's manufacturers, the National Association of Manufacturers has worked tirelessly this year. From the concerns over the proposed Ozone rule to Keystone XL, the National Association of Manufacturers has been unstinting in its support of the hard-working men and women who make up America's manufacturing workforce.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Another body that has worked hard to promote U.S. economic growth, create jobs, and enhance the competitiveness of U.S. industry, we applaud the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's commitment to stand up for the American oil and gas industry. From campaigning to remove barriers to increased oil and gas production to promoting U.S. fuel manufacturing organizations, the U.S. Chamber is helping to ensure the tremendous contribution of the U.S. oil and gas industry to the economy is recognized—and that heavy-handed regulation to limit this contribution is removed.