• AFPM Press Policy


    Except for those specifically contracted to produce a daily show newsletter, AFPM meeting or conference activity sponsorships are not available to media outlets, including trade publications. Energy and petrochemical trade publications are invited to participate in AFPM’s “Press Wall” program for applicable conferences and meetings.

    Photography and Video Recording

    Unauthorized photography and video recording is not permitted at AFPM conferences and meetings. Recorded or live media interviews are permitted with prior written authorization from the AFPM Communications Department.

    Conference Registration

    Complimentary registration and press badges are available for credentialed working press only, i.e., reporters who are actively writing or broadcasting for a publication. All others are offered the AFPM member registration rate.

    Complimentary press registration approval can be obtained by filling out a press registration request form and emailing or faxing it to the attention of AFPM Communications Specialist Ryan Mills at rmills@afpm.org. One form can be completed and submitted for all meetings for each calendar year.

    You will be notified via email when your request has been reviewed and approval granted. Upon approval, your name will be added to a press list for the appropriate meeting(s). Registration for a particular meeting must be completed on-line when general registration opens for that meeting.

    The following press credentials should be submitted with your registration form:

    Print and Digital Journalists:

    • A current business card (from a publication relevant to the event) imprinted with your name and title,
    • A copy of a by-lined article, or link to a broadcast segment that was published in the previous 12 months.

    Freelance Journalists:

    • A letter from an editor or producer stating that you are working on assignment for an industry-related story.

    Other persons affiliated with the media:

    The following do not qualify for press badges or complimentary registration. These individuals are welcome to attend and may register at the member rate.

    • Art directors
    • Advertising sales representatives
    • Sales and marketing representatives
    • Promotions coordinators
    • Public relations representatives
    • Editors of in-house newsletters
    • Publishers (unless active in the editorial content)

    If you are unsure whether your credentials meet the above criteria or if you have any additional questions, please contact Ryan Mills at (202) 552-4376.