We are living through unprecedented times that are wreaking havoc on our industries, the markets, and, most importantly, our lives. First and foremost, I hope you and your families are safe and doing well. Everything else pales in comparison.

Amid concerns about the spread of COVID-19, we have made the decision to cancel all AFPM conferences scheduled March-May 2020.  

Nothing is more important to our industries than safety, and in evaluating the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, it became clear to us that canceling the meetings was the only sensible course of action to protect the health and safety of our conference registrants and vendors, our staff, and the communities where our meetings were to be held.

While the full extent of how this virus will impact our workplaces, our communities, and our own loved ones is not yet known, I have great confidence in the fuel and petrochemical industries. I know that we have the capacity to respond to this challenge with the same resiliency and spirit that we have shown in the face of other obstacles over the many decades that we have been in operation. 

In this moment, we have a unique opportunity to ensure the continued availability of essential products — including those now relied upon by emergency responders, hospital workers, and by Americans who need access to fresh food. Our industries claim some of the most intelligent, creative and hard-working people in the world. I do believe that we will rise to the occasion, and that by working together, we will successfully meet the challenges before us.

Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions related to the cancellation of these events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Travel

Q: Will I receive a refund?
A: Yes. You will receive a refund on your entire registration (including tickets and tables), less the $50 bank processing fee processing fee.

Q: Can I transfer my funds to a future conference?
A: No. You will receive a refund for the registration fees paid.

Q: How will my money be refunded?
A: Your funds will be returned via the same method you paid for your registration.

Q: How long will it take to receive my refund?
A: Due to the high volume, please allow us 30 days to process your refunds. Once your cancellation has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation. It can then take up to 3 business days for your refund to be reflected on your credit card statement.

    Q: Not all airlines are offering a refund for flights or are charging change fees. Will AFPM cover those costs?
    A: Airline policies are changing rapidly as the COVID-19 situation develops. We advise you to call your airline directly to check their current policy. AFPM will not reimburse for air travel cancellation or change fees.


    Q: Are you considering holding a webcast of the event/some of the speakers/sessions?
    A: AFPM is currently considering options to make important content available to registrants in different formats and will update you as plans are solidified.


    Q: How do I cancel my meeting space?
    A: Contact Jeanne at AMSuites@afpm.org for the Annual Meeting and Morgan and Brittany at IPCSuites@afpm.org for the IPC. If you have signed a contract with the hotel(s), be sure to advise your hotel contact of your cancellation.

    Q: I secured a pod for my meeting at the IPC. Will I be refunded?
    A: Yes, you will receive a full refund.

    Q: Are there any penalties for cancelling my meeting room space?
    A: At IPC, space cancellations will not affect your room assignments for next year since this is an unprecedented situation. However, AFPM cannot speak for the hotel if you have signed a meeting space contract. Please address directly with your hotel contact.

    Q: I have already sent materials to Austin or New Orleans for my meetings/hospitality suite, will AFPM reimburse those fees?
    A: AFPM is not able to reimburse any shipping fees you may have incurred.


    Q: Can I get a credit for my sponsorship fees to use at a later AFPM event?
    A: AFPM will work with our sponsors on a case-by-case basis. We value our relationship with each sponsor, and we want to make sure that we work together in the future. Please contact Colleen Lewallen at CLewallen@afpm.org to discuss.