• Economic & National Security

    AFPM members play a critical role in America’s economic and national security. The products we manufacture strengthen our country at home and around the world and we support nearly 2 million American jobs – everything from refinery and petrochemical plant workers to the many Americans whose businesses and employers rely on revenue from our members and their employees.

    While close to 60 percent of the crude oil used in the United States is imported – with about half of that coming from non-OPEC countries like Canada and Mexico – about 95 percent of the refined petroleum products and about 80 percent of the petrochemicals used in our nation are manufactured domestically.

    By manufacturing gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating oil, jet fuel and other refined products and petrochemicals in the United States, we keep billions of dollars that go to purchase these products flowing within the U.S. economy, supporting American jobs and families.

    Our members add significantly to the number of high-paying American jobs. We decrease our nation’s trade deficit and make America less reliant on other regions of the world for the products that are so important to our lives.

    Just as a strong manufacturing sector is critical for our economic security, it is a key element of our national security. No nation can be a world leader in foreign affairs and in military strength without a vibrant manufacturing base.

    Proven and reliable fuels are vital to power the planes, tanks, ships and other vehicles that our armed forces rely on to defend America and our allies. Petrochemicals are vital for the overall operations of our military, including providing crucial materials that save the lives of our men and women in uniform.

    For the sake of both our national security and economic security we need more American manufacturing jobs – not just in the refining and petrochemical industries but in all industries – and we need more government action to encourage their creation and preservation. This is crucial to keep America strong and safe, to restore our nation’s economic health, and to provide jobs for Americans who so desperately need them, today and in future generations.